4 Air Tightness Tests for Potters Bar in London.

Project: 4 Air Tightness Tests at Mutton Lane, Potters Bar, London.

Technicians: Cameron Milne & Mikey Crampton.

The Brief: 4 Air Tightness Tests were required on a block of 4 Residential New Build flats for Nova Acoustics Ltd. We needed to measure and help increase the energy efficiency of the properties to determine whether they complied with the building regulations. Our focus was to pass the 4 flats to comply with Air Tightness Standard – ADLA1 – 2013. There was no target acquired from the client so it was assumed the target would be 5.

The Process: After being instructed to undertake this project, the first step of this process was to carry out a design concept review in order to determine any flaws in the design drawings. Issues were highlighted on the property as spot lights became a small problem with leakage however, it did not have a great effect on the overall scores. A thorough look around the property was required to make sure nothing would enable the property to fail. It is also a requirement to tape up all design ventilation so a fail would not have to be issued.

Final Scores: An On Completion Air Tightness Test was conducted and the 4 New Build flats all passed with scores of 3.74, 3.04, 4.41 and 4.31. 

The Outcome: The client will receive their pass certificate and be able to move on with their property.


Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.

Two of our Senior Technicians undertook an Air Tightness and Sound Insulation Test for 2 new build flats in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales!

combined air tightness and sound insulation testing at 2 new build flats in merthyr tydfill, wales.JPG

Wigley Group Charity Day!

A great day was had at Staverton Park Golf Club as UKBC sponsored the Wigley Group Charity day. A big thanks to all involved!

UK Building Compliance!

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Our Senior Technicians have been in Warwickshire today completing an Air Pressure Test on this property. For more information, visit our website or give us a call now on 01455 634 855http://ow.ly/b1UZ301cwp7

air pressure test warwickshire

Forum Health Centre, Coventry

Our Senior Technicians completed an Air Tightness Test for Forum Health Centre in Coventry yesterday evening. If you are unsure as to whether or not you require an Air Tightness Test, please call us for professional advice on 01455 634 855.

ATT Forum Health Centre, Cov.JPG